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09/09/09 05:46 PM #1    

Barbara Dudeck (Muhlfelder)

Hello fellow classmates - especially those that took the trip to Germany with Bert Weaver in our junior year!

My husband and I stopped in Germany for a few days on the way to South Africa and spent an evening in the magical walled town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. I always wanted to go back there and was pleased to see that it looked exactly as I remembered it- lots of turrets and cobblestones and flowers everywhere. Now they have a "night watchman" who offers walking tours at night through the old town. The food and scenery were terrific, especially the "Schneeballen" pastries. The town has lots of "Christmas" shops and every street scene is picture postcard perfect. When I get some time (retiring soon), I will post some pictures.

Learning German was a great asset for me - my in-laws were from Dusseldorf. Still can't speak the language, but can get the gist of what I read and hear.

Hope this brought back some great memories!
Barbara Dudeck Muhlfelder

09/12/09 08:11 AM #2    

Ed Newman

Guten tag. Barb...
I never went on that trip because I had to re-take German after not doing well in 8th grade. (I had gotten pneumonia at end of 7th grade and missed weeks of school... this all the Review stuff.. thus never quite caught up etc. The good part is I was "head of the class" in high school German I but I remember you all going.
Turns out, my dad had hoped I would go in the direction of engineering, hence the German, but went in a different direction... I lived in Puerto Rico a year (1978-9) and went to Mexico for a year to work at an orphanage (1981-2) So I SHOULD have taken Spanish... alas.

I do think I would have loved going to German due to interest in Euro history.

best to you
Achim / Ludwig
ed newman

09/12/09 10:00 AM #3    

Jan Kopf (Sigall)

Hi, Barb!

Thank you for your comments on Rothenburg. Like you Ed, I never got to Germany when we were in HS but my husband and I are leaving in 10 days for a 2 week driving tour of Germany....and we do have Rothenberg on our agenda. We can compare pictures when we get back.

Jan Kopf Sigall

02/17/10 04:21 PM #4    

Debbie Steele

Barb (Barbel)
Months have passed since you posted your German trip details but it was fun to see it today and to also recall that trip with Bert Weaver and Frau Falt and a group of us who could speak tolerably well German(for American kids)-I remember the first frightening Weiss Wurst dinner, the excellent pastries, the cute academic friend of Bert's in Heidleberg who showed us around town, the wonderment of being in a country we had read about for years. And I did love Rothenburg -I can hardly believe at one time we were all reading Herman Hesse and Geothe auf Deutsch. I wish I had had a life that included needing to speak German sometimes-but sadly that did not happen --so many words and ALM tapes are forgotten.

06/09/10 08:58 PM #5    

Carol Rossi

Hey Barb and other German trip participants,

You all will get a good laugh out of this one:I'm now the Frau taking students to Europe.  My last 2 and upcoming trip(S) head to Rothenburg, Munchen, Neuschwanstein, Innsbruck, the Brenner Pass, Venice, Luzern, Black Forest and end up in Heidelburg.  The scenery is out of this I always tell my kids,  "I'll be in heaven!"

Hope to see you all at the reunion!

Carol.... what was my German name... Carla??? Ich vergesse....

07/07/10 02:00 PM #6    

Diane Williamson (Shaw)

 Hi German trip participants,

I just found this part of the site!!  What an great idea. Does anyone have a picture of the group as we went on the trip down into the salt mines?  That was amazing!  I would love to get a copy of that!! I will see if I can find my old pictures and bring them to the reunion.  It would be fun to compare.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Diane "Bubbles" Williamson Shaw

No one calls me that any more!!! Thank goodness

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