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Here's a great website for baby boomer music. It's called Boomer Radio. It's very easy to use and has 11 music choices, including Vintage Rock, All Hit Oldies (60's and early '70s), Sizzlin' Seventies, Soft Oldies and Sweet Soul Music. Check it out.

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Every Sunday after I wake up, I usually grab a remote and turn on the stereo to listen to "Breakfast with the Beatles." These are live shows done by each individual radio station.

Breakfast with the Beatles Radio Stations

WMGK Philly’s Classic Rock 7-9am Sundays

Q104.3 NY Classic Rock 8-10am Sundays

WOGL  Philly’s Oldies station 10-12pm Sundays

Here's another great site for baby boomers. Greatest Hits USA is a 3 hour weekly syndicated show that focuses on specific years and times, like August in years past. It's very well done. I listen to it every week. The site lists all the stations that carry the show. If there's not one in your area, they have links for listening online.